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FLUMBIX - this 5 years of writing macros for Bloody and X7!
MACROS for RUST no recoil, only for the standard clip size of the weapon in the game (e.g. 30 bullets, not 60) - the increase in accuracy and compensation of spread, left button mouse macros for X7!
After updating Devblog 188 increased spreaded of recoil, and together with the rocking weapons, reduced accuracy at long range! Random test here
Basic settings sensitivity - 1.2 or 1.0 (after QoL Update dev)
MACROS ONLY for A4tech X7 and Bloody with the internal memory! To Bloody need At least Bloody5 2015.06.16A and 3 activated core! Not the Bloody match is decided solely by the macros *.amc
Before you purchase MACROS specify the characteristics of weapons in the game and the mechanics of recoil, spread does not allow to write to perfect accuracy, the best accuracy in the firsts shots.
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