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Gift book of tasty and useful recipes

Restaurateur and brand-chef Valeriy Sozanovsky published a book with recipes for the children´s menu, developed jointly with EatEasy, the main nutritionist of which is Natalia Samoilenko.
In addition to the recipes, the book tells about the basic principles of healthy eating and how to get the child interested in cooking and even turn this process into a fun joint pastime.
Each recipe is accompanied by step-by-step instructions, colorful photos and fascinating facts from the history of certain dishes or products
How often do you think about what your children really like to eat? Many parents are sure that it is only necessary to give children the will, how they will begin to weave for both cheeks sweets or french fries with nuggets. So, by the way, most restaurateurs think that put mini pizzas and child burgers in the children´s menu.

With this book of recipes, I want to show that there are healthy and healthy dishes that most children will like much more than sweets. I myself really love delicious food and, of course, desserts, but I still adhere to the principles of healthy eating. And, believe me, this does not mean that I limit myself in everything. Taking care of your health is a very important process that can be easy and fun, if you listen to yourself, and not to stereotypes.

We conducted a study for which about 500 families were interviewed. As a result, a huge gap was found between what children really like and what adults think about it. Moreover, when I conduct master classes, then
I notice that parents often do not see what their children are interested in cooking. But this is an opportunity to create something yourself, experiment, try, learn new things, and just have fun together!

This is what my book is about, and also that helping parents in the kitchen will not be perceived as a duty, if we let the children make their own decisions and allow them to make mistakes. And when the result will be delicious muffins, which you can treat your friends at school, next time the child himself will start cooking. After all, creating something with our own hands is very cool!
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