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Option 40

1. Spring made of steel 65 after properly tempered and tempered
has a hardness significantly lower than that required by the specifications. What caused this
defect and how can I fix it? Indicate what kind of hardness and structure provide elastic
properties of springs.

2. Steel 4ХЗВМФ is chosen for manufacturing of stamps of hot stamping. Assign and
justify the mode of heat treatment, explaining the effect of doping on transformations,
The processes occurring during the heat treatment of this steel. Specify microstructure and properties
stamps after heat treatment.

3. Steel ШХ15СГ is chosen for production of rolling bearing parts. Please specify
the composition of steel, assign a heat treatment mode and give the properties of steel after
heat treatment.

4. Describe the refractory metals and alloys based on them. Give a general description
these alloys and indicate the area of ​​their application.

5. Give the classification of technical ceramics by composition and indicate the area of ​​it
applications in engineering.
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