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Gift AFTER REVIEW, Kaspersky 2018 1 YEAR REG FREE, DELIVERY OF GIFT WITHIN 48 HOURS! </ attention>For positive feedback Kaspersky Internet security 1 PC 1 year as a gift </ attention> The license is not MSDN or Dreamspark, it is a full-time unlimited OEM license. Guarantee of technical support of the manufacturer and the seller.

The license is not MSDN or Dreamspark, it is a full-time unlimited OEM license. Guarantee of technical support of the manufacturer and the seller.

Number of PCs: 1
License Type: OEM
Language: All languages
System Capacity: Any - x86 and x64 (32/64)
License validity: Unlimited
Delivery: Digital activation key, after payment instantly on email

The key is activated online, via the Internet.
You can activate from anywhere in the world.
Operating system Windows 7 Ultimate (Windows 7 Ultimate) has all the features that Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional - plus the added security features and flexibility in working in multiple languages ​​Multilingual User Interface (MUI).
Create a home network and share all your favorite photos, videos and music.
Improved protection of computer data. Support for BitLocker.
Booting from a virtual disk
Federated Search (network search)
Search for the preferred printer for the selected network
Subsystem for UNIX-based applications
Work in the language of your choice.

Features OEM version of Windows 7 Ultimate
Be sure to pay attention to the differences between the OEM version and the usual box. First, by purchasing Original Equipment Manufacturer, you accept the terms "Licenses for the system builder", which presupposes the installation of software on its own. Secondly, the use of this type of license is allowed only on the device of the initial installation.
The OEM version is attached to the motherboard when activated, so when you replace the PC or the motherboard itself, you need to buy and install the software again. For other parameters, this type of licensing is no different from the standard store versions, the functionality and duration is not limited.
The issue of the legality of using OEM is often of interest to our customers. We assure you, our resource does not carry out any illegal activities. The use of software on OEM terms is absolutely legal, but limited to a number of conditions specified in the agreement.
What restrictions are imposed on OEM licensing:
use of the OEM version of the product is available only on one computer. This is its main difference from other ways of licensing;
when you buy a new PC or laptop, you can not transfer software from a device that has served its term, even if it is no longer used;
when you sell or transfer a computer with an already installed Windows 7 OEM operating system Maximum to another person, all parts of the license are transferred to the new owner.

Activation of the key is allowed only on a licensed image. If for any reason you do not have a suitable distribution, download it from the link provided with the key.
Remember, this version is NOT INTENDED for state institutions and corporate entities - only for private use.
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