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Electronic test. 2018. - 20 seconds.
This file includes: an electronic test in Microsoft Excel format, a spreadsheet of full calculation of test results on scales with a transfer in percent, an automated test result schedule, a questionnaire form (80 questions), keys and a general interpretation of the test.

Center for Psychiatric Care and Professional Psychophysiological Selection. Authors of the program: Golev SV, Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Goleva OS, Master of Psychology.
The material was developed within the framework of the program "Psychodiagnostics in Excel".

Description of the procedure
The test combines two methods for diagnosing suicidal tendencies: "Suicidal motivation" and "Anti-suicidal motivation". Tests can identify and quantify 16 major anti-suicidal motivational complexes.

The test includes and describes the following scales:

"Suicidal motivation."
Altruistic (death for the sake of others).
Anemic (loss of meaning in life).
Anesthetic (unbearable suffering).
Instrumental (manipulation of others).
Autopunitic (self-punishment).
Heteropunitic (punishment of others).
Postural (hope for something better after death).

"Anti-suicidal motivation."
Provital (fear of death).
Ethical (sense of duty to loved ones).
Moral (personal negative attitude to the suicidal model of behavior).
Narcissistic (love of self).
Motivation of cognitive hope (hope to somehow resolve the situation, find a way out) ..
The motivation for temporary inflation (the expectation that in time something can change for the better).
Motivation of the final uncertainty (uncertainty that it will be possible to die).
Recommended for psychologists, educators, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, doctors, coach-coaches
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