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Trading on Forex is easy. This is available to everyone. The work of a trader (the trader (English trader) is a stock trader) is only to buy cheaper and sell more expensive, or vice versa - to sell more expensive, and then buy cheaper. That´s all. No special wisdom is needed. This could be the end of the self-instruction narrative, but there are a few technical questions: where, when and on which buttons to press.
This book does not require any special training. Knowledge, laid out in it, everyone can master: from the janitor, to the doctor of sciences. The only thing that is necessary is to have access to the Internet. Now at home or at work, or maybe somewhere in the park, having just a computer or another device connected to the Internet, you will be able to make deals on a real international market.
Format: РDF.Number of pages 87. The file is on the cloud
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