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Depth map for the navigation program 7 Ways
Coverage: Lake Baikal, Irkutsk Reservoir.
Scale: 1: 25,000
Composition of the map: isobaths, marks of depths, coastline, berthing facilities, boundaries of underwater hazards, recommended ship´s passage, names of bays, bays, capes, islands.
Installing and Using Depth Maps in the 7 Wats Navigation Program
1. Install the free app 7 Ways from PlayMarket or the AppStore
2. Launch the application and go to the "Add-ons"> "Catalog"> "Skins" section and select and download the "Navikart River-Sea - a set of libraries"
3. Download the depth maps in the "Add-ons"> "Catalog"> "Maps"> "Russia"> "Water Pond Depths of Russia" Maps. After downloading the selected map, confirm the use of the loaded map.
4. Acquire an activation code and activate the card by entering the activation code.
5. Choose the palette of the depth map that suits you in the "Options"> "Interface" in the "Skin" section and select "Navikart SeaRiver (palette-1,2,3)"
- Traditional nautical chart (palette-1)
- Dark blue color from light to dark (palette-2)
- The range of colors from warm to cold shade (palette-3)
6. Turn on the display of depth marks "Options"> "Map" in the "POI on the map" section, select "Show" or "Filter" with a selection of the characters you need. The POI setting is also available from the Menu by clicking on the speed indicator.
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