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Decision control work number 2 on materials science from the methodology Garbuzova N.E.
Variant 41


1. Assign a mode of thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of gears from steel 20ХН
with tooth hardness 58 ... 62 HRC. Describe the microstructure and properties of the tooth surface and.
the core of the gear after heat treatment.

2. For the manufacture of hammer stamps, steel 5ХНВ is chosen. Decipher the composition and
determine the steel group for the purpose. Assign a heat treatment mode, bring it
justification, explaining the effect of doping on the transformations occurring during thermal
processing of this steel. Describe the microstructure and properties of dies after thermal

3. Alloys based on titanium are used for the fabrication of high-speed aircraft lining.
Justify the reasons for using alloys based on titanium instead of aluminum. Give an example
titanium alloy and compare the mechanical characteristics of titanium and aluminum alloys
at 200 ... 500 ° C.

4. Alloys T5K10 and T15K6 are used for making the cutting tool. Please specify
composition of alloys, manufacturing method and field of application. Explain the reasons for high
heat resistance of these alloys in comparison with carbonaceous and high-speed steels.

5. Textolites. Their properties and field of application in mechanical engineering.
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