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Decision control work number 2 on materials science from the methodology Garbuzova N.E.
Variant 48


1. Select the grade of cast iron for the manufacture of critical machine parts (cranked
shafts, connecting rods, etc.). Specify composition, processing, structure and basic mechanical properties
details of this cast iron.

2. Copies must have a minimum deformation and high wear resistance
surface layer with a hardness of 750 ... 1000 HV. For their manufacture, steel 38ХВФЮА is chosen.
Decipher the composition and determine the group of steel for the purpose. Assign a thermal and
chemical-thermal treatment, give its justification, explaining the effect of doping on
transformations occurring during the processing of a given steel. Describe the structure and properties of copiers
after processing.

3. Alloys of VT14 and VT22 are selected for aircraft parts. Specify the composition and determine
group of alloys for their intended use. Justify the choice of these alloys for these operating conditions and
specify how to strengthen them.

4. For the manufacture of vacuum equipment and the achievement of close contacts between
metal and glass is used alloy platinum H48. Decode the composition and define the group
alloy to the destination. Describe the effect of alloying elements on the main characteristic
alloy and the reasons for choosing this alloy composition in connection with the anomaly of the change in the thermal
expansion coefficient.

5. Describe the thermo- and thermosetting plastics. What is their difference in structure and properties?
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