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This account only for getting game bonus. without Twitch SUB
Getting Apex Legends
1. Log in to the purchased account
2. Go to
3. Click the button in the upper right corner of Sign in and then click Allow
4. Click the Big Button "Claim Now"
5. Click "Link accounts to use loot". You will be redirected to the EA website, log in under your account if not authorized
6. Everything is ready, we are waiting for loot!

GTA 5 / RDR activation
1. We go to, click "Login", enter the username and password specified in the purchase.
2. Go to the distribution of GTA
3. Log in to Twitch accounts
4. Click the Claim button, bind your SocialClub account
5. We are waiting for bonuses

14.09.2019 13:15:01
27.08.2019 21:13:09
Хороший продавец , отзывчивый .Спасибо ! Рекомендую!!!
11.08.2019 21:56:44
Беру пакет не первый раз. Всё как всегда работает.
10.08.2019 19:46:35
all good
07.08.2019 15:31:31
Все супер, все работает

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