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attentionAnswers to questions for the exam on the criminal process.
1. The concept of criminal proceedings. His goals and objectives.
2. The concept of criminal procedural law, its subject and method.
3. Sources of criminal procedure. The effect of criminal procedure law.
4. Criminal procedure functions. Types of criminal prosecution.
5. The concept and system of stages of the criminal process.
6. Types of criminal proceedings.
7. The concept and classification of the principles of the criminal process. Principles of the investigative and adversary process.
8. The concept and content of the principles of legality and publicity
9. The concept and content of the principles of the presumption of innocence and the right to protection.
10. The concept and content of the principles of immediacy, freedom to evaluate evidence and publicity.
11. Procedural nature and meaning of competition
12. The concept of participants in criminal proceedings, their classification. Types of subjects and participants in the proceedings in various types of criminal proceedings.
13. Court in criminal proceedings: concept, powers, forms of construction. Courts of Justice. Judicial review.
14. The prosecutor in the criminal process, his competence. The concept and objectives of the prosecutor´s supervision. Its features in various stages of criminal proceedings.
15. The head of the investigative body, its functions and powers.
16. The body of inquiry. The system of bodies of inquiry.
17. The head of the body (specialized unit) of the inquiry and the inquiry officer.
18. The concept of public prosecutor, victim, private prosecutor. Their legal position.
19. Suspect and accused in criminal proceedings. Their procedural status.
20. Protector. The procedural position of the defender. Admission of the defender to participate in the case: the moment and methods. Mandatory participation otkaznika in the proceedings. Waiver of the defender.
21. Civil plaintiff and defendant. Their procedural position.
22. Representation in criminal proceedings.
23. Witness and understood in criminal proceedings.
24. The ratio of the procedural position of the expert and specialist.
25. Circumstances precluding participation in criminal proceedings. Taps.
26. Criminal procedure proof. Collecting, checking, evaluating and using evidence.
27. The subject and limits of evidence in a criminal case. The structure of the subject of proof, its types.
28. The concept, value and properties of evidence in criminal proceedings. Relative evidence.
29. Admissibility of evidence: concept, elements, value.
30. Classification of evidence and their value.
31. The testimony of various persons as a source of evidence: the concept, subject, features of assessment. Witness immunity. Confession of guilt.
32. Expert opinion and features of its assessment.
33. The physical evidence: the concept, value, procedural registration and features of their evaluation. Storage and determination of the fate of physical evidence in the resolution of a criminal case.
34. Protocols of investigative and judicial actions and other documents as sources of evidence: the concept, content, meaning, features of the assessment.
35. Use in proving the results of operational investigative, administrative and private detective work
36. Prejudices and presumptions in criminal procedural evidence.
37. The detention of the suspect and the accused: the concept, objectives, grounds, motives, time limits, procedural order. Grounds for the release of the detainee.
38. The concept and types of preventive measures, their difference from other coercive measures in criminal proceedings
39. Grounds, conditions and procedure for the application of preventive measures. The circumstances taken into account when choosing a preventive measure.
40. Subscription on recognizance and personal surety: concept, grounds, conditions and procedure for election and application. Only 97 answers
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