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After payment, you immediately receive the activation code of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional </ attention>

Windows 10 Pro contains all the features of the release of Windows 10 Home plus important business functions - encryption, remote login, creating virtual machines and much more.

Type: Operating system
License type: For home (only clean installation), 1 PC
The size of the OS: 32-bit / 64-bit
Term: Unlimited
Region of activation: Any region

ATTENTION! The key is not for updating from the home version, it is designed for a clean installation

By purchasing this product you confirm that you are acquainted with and agree with the license activation conditions.To receive an antivirus or game as a gift, you need to leave a review about the product and write in the correspondence with the seller "I want an antivirus and game as a gift". After that, within 24 hours, you will be sent a code to activate the antivirus and game in correspondence with the seller on the website </ Attention>
Link for downloading the distribution of Microsoft Windows 10 Professional:

16.01.2019 3:37:53
Ключ не подошел. Дайте рабочий, или верните деньги
14.01.2019 21:57:22
Ураа, заработало!
Все хорошо.
14.01.2019 18:10:35
Активация уже установленной ОС этим ключом прошла успешно.
14.01.2019 18:10:04
Активация уже установленной копии ОС этим ключом прошла успешно.
14.01.2019 16:03:00
Жду подарок! Спасибо!

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