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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$30 the discount is 3%
$60 the discount is 6%
$90 the discount is 9%
I will add 500 quality subscribers to Your public in Facebook!

The advantage of the service? The service is ideal for fast and secure output of the public in the TOP search in Facebook!

I suggest:

1. 500 live offer subscribers to your public;

2. Together with subscribers, an indefinite number of likes will also be added as a bonus;

3. You can distribute 500 subscribers to several public accounts for one order;

4. A smooth increase in the number of your subscribers who have joined for security and the natural growth of your public;

5. 10 to 100 subscribers will be added per day. The speed of adding subscribers is calculated automatically for maximum security based on the number of existing subscribers and their activity, the more there are, the higher the speed;

6. For your public, it will be absolutely safe and reliable!

Please do not forget to add the service to your bookmarks — in this case it will be always available for you, despite the queue or restrictions.

My other goods and services are — https://plati.ru/seller/aleksandr-korotkiy/550650?lang=en-US


— Before placing an order, the public must be opened, so do not confuse the group and the public. To order subscribers to the group, use another service;

— The service is suitable only for open public (public page). The order will not start if you specify a link to a group or profile;

— Subscribers are not for activity or conversions. Subscribers are more for the growth of the popularity of Your public and for the output IN the top search in Facebook;

— At the time of the order do not order at the same time subscribers in other places in order to avoid misunderstandings;

— This service is performed manually. Service start from 1 to 12 hours;

— The service is not provided on prohibited topics;

— Perhaps a small part of subscribers can unsubscribe because of their disinterest. Usually not more than 5% — 15%;

— By ordering this service, You confirm that you agree with the services described in this product.

PS would love to go and meet Your other wishes!

P.P.S. for your positive feedback I give you a gift certificate in the amount of 3% of the amount you paid!!
You will need to send a link to Your public where you will need to add subscribers. Do not order subscribers from other artists at the same time!
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