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8 of 10 bets profits.

For a long time I was looking for "their way" in this difficult matter - trade in the foreign exchange market. I, like everyone else, read the sea of \u200b\u200bvarious literature on the game at Forex, tried a variety of strategies, leaked the first few deposits, but it never achieved. The usual way a novice trader who belongs to the most notorious 90%. After this is two ways.

The first way - it is not mine, this just lucky traders as a drowned man, and I have all my life to plow. The second way - all "known" standard approaches are well known in the market - so either do not work or work "50 to 50". The conclusion must be sought - "his" way.

I went the second way - and more and more interesting this way was for me. The initial impetus for the trader is - to earn as much money. As a result, on his way stands the first and greatest enemy - greed. The second way - interested in the process of search. It's kind of the game - you learn to understand the market, and if you're right, you get a reward.

As a result of long and difficult quest - I found this trading system, which is pleased to present here.

I called his system "three candles" or "8 out of 10". 8 of 10 - because this percentage, the system gives a positive result if the conditions for its application.


Strategy tested on real accounts.

The price will rise. Hurry to buy at such a low price.
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