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You are trading on the sharp fluctuations? Are you tired of re-quotes? And it is not satisfied with the standard trailing stop at 15 pips?

This trailing stop of 1 point - exactly what you need!

It was created as a news adviser and approximate strategy published here -


Designed to work with a sharp price fluctuations and volatility breakout!

It consists of a set of scripts and experts to MT4, allows you to set a buy stop order and a sell stop at a predetermined distance from the price indicating the value of stop-loss and take profit, trailing in points.

Step Lot 0.01 in increments of 0.01. This coupled with an expert script lets you rearrange the stop loss to breakeven or use treyting-stop starting from 1 pip.


Built CONTROL acceptable parameters.

If you enter an incorrect parameters IMMEDIATELY script will give a warning window with a description of the error.

Scripts and experts worked well when trading a real account and is used to this day traders since 2006.

It does not carry errors and is ready to trade !!!

The archives contain detailed descriptions of installation and use.

NOTE (!!!): INSTALLATION ADVISORY / indicators / script for MT4 build 600 and above -
Attention: Advisor semi - launched, he performed the operation and maintenance of issuing orders to the closure and shut down. We need to re-selling - start again!

I recommend also to get acquainted with VIDEO with detailed recommendations for working with trailing above!


Pay attention to an important feature: the Advisor is able to trail the orders placed in one point of the market price! But not all brokerage companies the opportunity to exhibit there 1 point!

Find out what will be the size of the trailing stop your DC you can by opening the menu item mt4 "pending order", and the bottom will read "You can set up a warrant for not closer ... points from the market price." This value will be the lowest possible value of a trailing stop in the brokerage company.

As well as the parameter in MagicNumber experts - the adviser is able to rearrange or trail the "zero" absolutely any order, even of the hand or open "On hand" - it needs expert in MagicNumber = 555 register = 0, but since then he will not be associated with this script, it is best to create a copy of the expert (called differently), and when to run!

For the 5-digit brokers, such as this - need to increase 10 times all the options referred to in paragraph!

Remember - it's very useful Advisor to trade on FOREX!


RESALE FORBIDDEN !!! - Right to apply to the Arbitration !!!
15.09.2016 19:14:42
Классный скрипт, советую не пожалеете!!! 5 с +++
22.06.2015 16:14:00
хорошая вещь
28.01.2015 11:37:41
12.11.2014 13:11:17
Решил всетаки купить советник) скачал какуето лажу не работает нинига, увидел что он 10 стоит а то другой какойто был навороченый за 30 ну мне пока этого хватет а там дальше посмотрим, лиш бы он работал, а то скаченый в безубыток не переводил и вообще не стопил за 2 пункта если в другую сторону шло
16.09.2014 17:47:36
Будем тестить, этот отличный советник, Спасибо...