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this program - this addition to the mail-agent, but rather to work with it.

No analogues in the internet.

It records all the status of those who are in the contact list has changed their status,

Record status change occurs at the time of this status to the user.

The program writes:

- Status;

- E-mail user who changed status;

-time status changes;

-type Programs (eg magent / jagent / WebAgent), which uses the user;

-version program.

-bild user program.

The program has 3 sounds that react to: input (line) output (offline), has become invisible (invisible status) ...

the program is minimized to tray and hanging near the clock on the taskbar, a small icon, the program does not create a window in the taskbar ...

The program requires only an e-mail.

Please note:

This trial version of the program, calculated at 6 starts. (week of use)

For keys in the comments or write me at ICQ.
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