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2nd edition 2013. (Added method "square-cluster" and various add-on)

Author Cup winner backgammon GSK 2007-2008.


- Strategic and tactical methods in long backgammon;

- Constants (and their dynamics) to account for the probability of dropping out later charge;

- Dynamic, static, successful and the right moves;

- Capture zones in the opening, middlegame, endgame, and the moments of transition;

- Possession of an initiative or a game on defense, playing the deficit moves.

Material written by analogy with the books on the game of chess, from simple to complex. You will notice many similarities in the game of backgammon and chess. And if you´re not new to chess, it will pass quickly the way to a strong player in backgammon.
In an Internet there is a demo version, chapter 1. You can look and learn.

Format pdf.

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