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Tested for over 5 years technique-win game on forex, with the minimum risk of income is 200% a month. In total there should be twice a day to be at the computer and make necessary actions. When initial deposit of one thousand dollars to make about two thousand quite a good amount for a couple of hours a day. For doubters can check it on the small deposits of 10 or $ 100, to ensure that it is profitable and easy to earn, working only a few hours a day.
The cost is purely symbolic, 20 bucks for something then to earn hundreds of times more.
Successful start for beginners, all the favorable trend traders.
24.01.2020 12:24:39
чепуха полная, не кому не советую брать, а вот особенно 200% полнейший бред, прям грааль какой то. Проще самому научиться определять зону поддержки и сопротивления и искать свою методику. Кто возьмет, деньги на ветер.