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A fairy tale for adults in three parts

Two scientists from the provincial town of L make a sensational discovery. They manage to get the scientific evidence for the existence of God (the creators of the LHC nervously smoking in aside ...)! But the experiment gets out of control. Bundle of energy produced in the laboratory alone "walks" around the city, gets into people's thoughts, talking with them, creates various miracles, and even ...

In general, the comical situations abound in this book!

While scientists are calling for help psychologists, psychics and priests, in the city of A begins a stir ...

The first victim of the magic clot becomes journalist Ilona - evening sitting at home writing a interview with a local healer, she suddenly begins to hear her voice. Does the healer talking to her through photography? Or is this "curse" because Ilona again fell in love with a woman?
Demo version of the book can be downloaded for free from the publisher Web-Kniga
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