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The e-book deals with the practical issues of organizing the security of any commercial enterprise (with 'zero'), legal registration, preparation of documentation, the practical organization of the work of security, including the organization of enterprises and protection of the personal security of the leaders of business, practical recommendations for all those who wants to protect your life, your family life or well-being of the enterprise. Efforts practical sets organizational and administrative documents of the local level, regulating the activities of the Security Council

The book covers the issues of organizational management on the creation of non-state security services, labor adaptation, social and psychological problems of security service business entity and psychology of interpersonal relations at the present stage, taking into account the specific characteristics of professional - performance.

It is designed for professionals and employees of enterprises of different ownership forms, banks, businesses and private entrepreneurship. Recommended for students, cadets of high schools, secondary schools, students training and retraining courses, advanced training, managers and service personnel work, the general reader.


Volume 1: "The Security Service - the success of entrepreneurship"

1. Security Service - the success of entrepreneurship

2. Security Company

3. Legal Framework Security Service

4. Organization (creation) security services

5. Protection of stationary objects

6. perimeter security systems

7. The Control - access control in the enterprise

8. The protection of commercial secrets of the enterprise

9. Appendix 1 to the book

Appendix 1 to the book

Standard regulations on the protection of confidential information and trade secrets

Instructions for the protection of confidential information

Standard instruction on health and safety

A typical list of the contents of first aid kits

General instruction on fire safety of the protected object.

The instructions, regulations, contracts, references, other

1) Security and Safety (21)

2) treatment and protection of information (25)

3) Fire safety (11)

4) Contracts (9)

5.) Update - other (19)

NOTE: The electronic version - you have to download the material and view them offline


2 vol. Preparation and carrying out security measures

Section 1. Preparation and carrying out security measures

Chapter 1. terrorist acts

Chapter 2. Job - Bodyguard

Chapter 3. Features of personal protection.

Chapter 4. Features of the preparation and conduct of security measures

Chapter 5. Tactics to work with the object of protection

Chapter 6. Safety pipelines - the country's energy security

Annex 1 to the list.

Section 2. Vocational and psychological preparation of employees Sat.

Chapter 1: Professional and psychological methods of selecting candidates to the NRC.

Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Professional Psychology of security personnel.

Chapter 4. physiognomy and professional activities.

Chapter 5. The value of communicative dialogue in the security service.

Chapter 6. Basics of extreme psychology.

Chapter 7. Basic assessment level of threat the protected object.

Chapter 8. Actions protection service in detecting explosive devices (slaves).

Chapter 9. Fundamentals of personal security specialists Sat.

A short glossary of terms.

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