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The e-collection organizations discussed practical issues of security of any commercial enterprise (a '' zero ''), legal registration, preparation of documentation, the practical organization of the work of security, including the organization of enterprises and protection of the personal security of the leaders of business, practical recommendations for All those who want to protect their lives, their family lives or well-being of the enterprise.

Including practical issues of preparation of bodyguards, preparation and carrying out protective measures in the safety of the protected persons (including VIP - events).

The classification of modern hand-held firearms - pistols and revolvers, automatic weapons (submachine guns, automatic rifles and machine guns, and ammunition for such weapons.

The collection includes e-books:

2.1. A Practical Guide for the creation of the security of business.

2.2. Training bodyguard. Practical Guide

2.3. Ensuring the personal safety of individuals (VIP - events). Practical Guide

2.4. The procedure for preparation and holding of security measures. Toolkit.

2.5. Manual small firearms special forces

2.6.Strelkovoe weapons and weapons training. Glossary

The collection is designed for security managers of enterprises and firms with guard units and staff providing personal security of top officials of commercial structures, private security companies (PSC) staff professionally engaged in security activities, as well as teachers and students of higher educational institutions for training managers of the organization ( Specialization- Security Manager).
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