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Acquiring SecurityDisk you can as soon as possible to establish the Security Service of your business enterprise from scratch!

The disc includes practical information to create their own security services: legalization, drafting documentation, the practical organization of work of security services, including the organization of enterprises and protect the personal safety of business executives.

CONTENTS SecurityDisk

I. Copyright eBooks

1.Prakticheskoe allowance to establish the security of business.

2. Preparation of a bodyguard. Practical Guide

3.Obespechenie personal security of individuals (VIP - events). Practical Guide

4.Poryadok preparation and conduct of security measures. Toolkit.

5.Ruchnoe small firearms special forces

6.Strelkovoe weapons and weapons training. Glossary

7.Prakticheskoe benefit sniper training for special forces fast reagirovaniya.Uchebnoe allowance.

8.Sluzhba security. Hands-on training posobie.Tom I.Karpov V.E.Zakrevsky PF

9.Sluzhba security. Hands-on training aid. Tom II.Karpov V.E.Zakrevsky PF ..

10.Menedzhment security. Theory and practice. Tom I.Karpov V.E.Zakrevsky PF (Ukr.)

11.Menedzhment security. Theory and practice. Tom II.Karpov V.E.Zakrevsky PF (Ukr.)

12.UCHEBNYE CENTERS, facilities and equipment (for shooting and tactical and special training of special units).

II.Elektronnye book on "Security Service Enterprise"

1. How to protect yourself and your business. Materials professional.

2. Guidelines for the security of individuals and predprinimatelstva.Prakticheskoe Guide

3. The novel Ronin. Its intelligence. A Practical Guide.

4. I.N.Kuznetsov.Informatsiya: collection, protection, analysis. Tutorial for information and analysis.

5. V. Gromov Vasiliev G.A.ENTSIKLOPEDIYA SAFETY spine

6. Medical Reference.

7. Practical guide to medical training. Author Vladimir Kabachny. Industry Training Bezopasnosti.Professionalnaya security officer

8. SAFETY Businessmen and business. A Practical Guide. AE Taras

9. The control system of protection "CONTROLLER"

10.Upravlenie risk, risk management in the enterprise

11.Prakticheskaya training of snipers. Art sniper. Art vintovki.PROTIVOSNAYPERSKIE security measures.

III. Materials: Security

1.Territoriya Self - devoted to the subject of self-defense and security of the person.

2. The organization of security. Internet favorites.

3.Ohrannaya activities. Practical aspects.

4.Upravlenie risk

5.Zakonnoe confrontation regulatory authorities. Tactics against arbitrariness in the unannounced inspections.

6.Borba with officials


8.Instruktsii on "Security"

9.Materialy and methods of investigations.

10. The package of documents Security and Protection

11.Promyshlenny espionage and protection against it

12.Rukovoditel security services companies synopsis
Extras: IV.E program "Security and Business Biznesmena.Sluzhba security. A Practical Guide "

The program included the following issues:

1. Security and Safety Service Company

2. Training of security staff

3. Security staff and management

4. Protection against industrial espionage

5. Information and analytical work

6. Technical security means

7. The legal framework of Ukraine

8. Technical protection of information

9. Survival

10.Ohrannye company

11.Rabota Resources

12.Bezopasnost abroad

13.Finansovaya security

14.Kompleksnaya security

15.Kompyuternaya security

16.Avtomobilnaya security

17.Sistemy engineering protection

18.Obschie concepts and definitions
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