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Inventory of the criminal case on the fact of robbery (part 2 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code)

1 Decision to open a criminal case and taking it to production.

2 Minutes of making an oral statement about the crime

3 Resolution on the recognition of victims

4 Minutes of the interrogation of the victim

5 Resolution on the production of a personal search in cases of urgency

6 Minutes of personal search

7 Notice of manufacturing personal search

8 The detention of the suspect

9 Minutes of the interrogation of the suspect

10 Resolution on the examination of the production of the suspect

11 Minutes survey

12 Minutes of inspection objects

13 Decision to open the application before the court to seize the property of a suspect

14 Minutes presentation faces for identification

15 Minutes confrontation

16 Resolution on the preparation of samples for comparative analysis

17 Resolution on the appointment of biological forensics

18 Order of the operational search actions

19 Decision to open before the court a request for the production of the recess in the housing

20 Resolution on the authorization of seizure in the home

21 Minutes recess

22 Minutes verification of testimony on site

23 Decision on measures of restraint as a subscription on their own recognizance and appropriate behavior

24 Decision on indictment

25 Transcript of interrogation of the accused

26 Decision to open before a court petition for remand in custody as

27 Resolution on the election of a preventive measure in the form of detention

28 Minutes acquaintance of the accused with the expert's conclusion

29 Resolution on the allocation of the criminal case

30 Resolution on the wanted list of the accused

31 Order of the operational search actions

32 Resolution on the suspension of the preliminary investigation in connection with para. 1, Art. 208 Code of Criminal Procedure

33 Minutes of the notification of completion of investigation

34 Decision to dismiss the petition

35 Minutes acquaintance of the victim with the criminal case

36 Minutes of the accused and his counsel with the materials of the criminal case

37 indictment on charges of committing a crime under Part 2 of Article 162 of the Criminal Code

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