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The need for trained staff security and safety - a topical issue in the labor market. Moreover, it exists as in small- and medium-sized businesses and large holding kompaniy.Dannoe handbook is a basic and developed in accordance with the program of specialized training of security officers Security Agency "Alpha - The Shield" and the qualification requirements of the profession, "guard" (Code 5169).

= Contents =

Sections of the course of combat training:

1.Pravovaya preparation and bases of professional work of security officers.

2.Taktiko - special training and assault guards.

3.Inzhenernaya, Explosion and fire training.

4.Spetsialnaya fire preparation guard.

5.Obschefizicheskaya guard training and unarmed combat.

6.Meditsinskaya and psychological training of the guard.


1. Practical Guide staff working for a security firm.

2. A practical guide for the training of medical protection.
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